Paca Promises   is our paradise here in the foothills of North Carolina. It is our Mission to share the peace and beauty, with which we have been blessed, with all that visit.  Gary is a retired Accountant and Jean is a retired Registered Nurse. We love the community and the people in it and want to bring a special gift to share with them.

We have the gentle, loving Al "pac"a  that promises to share their curious natures with all that arrive at their home. And the very fiber from their backs for the production of all those splendid Alpaca products available in the online store as well as on site. There are now 16Adults, each with a personality that intrigues and endears. Hannah and Dillon, two Anatolian Shepherds, guard the tranquility of the farm.

Then we have the canine "packs" --  Seven Cairn Terriers and Four Cesky Terriers.  These little bundles of energy are always ready to welcome visitors to the farm. From time to time we have a litter of puppies for placement in "forever" homes that promise to enrich the lives of those that live there for years to come.

Welcome.  We hope you will make plans to visit us here on the website often and on the farm as well.

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